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Sunday, December 23, 2018

A song to quieten my soul

Passing through difficult days with many heavy burdens on my soul, I shed a few tears lamenting that there was no one whom I could really call a friend and share my deepest thoughts. Not many believers and ministers really have the gift to listen and be there. Often there will be a quick piece of advice or a strategy to pray, perhaps rebuke the devil. Moreover ministers rarely find believers who can be there to listen to them, for they are already weighed down by many things and expect the ministers to help them out.

Away from family, sitting quietly in the stillness of the night with a over-burdened soul, I said in my heart, "If only there was someone who could understand and care..."
Of course, I knew that God cared, but these were moments where I felt he was God and me a mere mortal and in a world with billions of people, how could he possibly stand still and hear? I pondered over the problems that persisted despite praying for a couple of years and grieved.

A few tears flowed and then in the stillness of the night, the still small voice sang an old song to my soul, one that I had not sung in years. It was a Malayalam song, the lyrics of which went in this manner...Jesus is greater than all, a dear friend to my soul, even if a mother forgets, he will be a friend who never forgets me; even if everyone deserts me, Jesus will always be near me; every problem I face will fade away as I rest in his arms. The tears flowed even more as I listened, but these were tears that brought peace and rest to me. My burdens were lightened. Praise God.

Have you heard a song in your heart when you are distressed and burdened? Not a song which you have taken an effort to remember and bring to your mind, but one that you feel came out of nowhere?
That one, that came out of nowhere was the still small voice of God speaking to your heart. Remember, he loves you with an everlasting love because you are his child.

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