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Friday, August 18, 2017

Flight attendants

A couple of days before travelling on a flight from Kerala to the Middle East, I saw a dream in which I was surrounded by flight attendants and they were all smiling and talking among themselves. The dream did not seem troubling, so I did not pray much about it.  The next day we had a 3 hour journey to reach the airport. I was not feeling very well in my stomach that day, so I skipped lunch and did not have much dinner either, just a few chips and a glass of juice. It was an early morning flight and things seemed fine when I and my family boarded the aircraft. Halfway through the journey, I felt that the atmosphere in the plane was getting stuffy. Thinking I would feel fresh if I went to the toilet and washed my face, I proceeded to the front of the aircraft without waking my wife and daughter who were asleep.

Once in the toilet, after locking the door, suddenly everything around started spinning and I felt my mind clouding. I opened the door and stumbled out, swaying to both sides. The flight attendants saw me in that condition and quickly grabbed my hands and put me on a seat nearby. There was a flurry of questions, regarding my seat number, whether anyone else was travelling with me, whether I was a diabetic/hypertensive/had heart disease. Though weak with my dizziness persisting, I answered them. Someone informed the captain and he radioed for a doctor, but there were none on the flight. I kept saying, "I am a doctor, I am a doctor."Someone gave me a glass of orange juice and I drank it. I was offered sugar and I had that too. My wife and daughter were near now as they had been called; they fanned my face for fresh air. Slowly things started clearing up in my mind and the dizziness subsided. When I looked around, just as in the dream, I could see several flight attendants around me, smiling and talking. The stuffy atmosphere in the plane coupled with my blood sugar dropping because of skipping meals had brought on the malady. Soon it was time for the flight to land and things returned to normalcy.

Musing on the dream later on, I felt I should have taken the dream more seriously and prayed better.
But praise God that he was in control all throughout my difficulty though.

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