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Friday, September 25, 2015

God is already in your future

One of my close friends, an Ordained minister of the Lord, who earlier was based in the USA had to later leave that place because of certain circumstances that developed in his life and head for Qatar and stay, work and minister there. Still later he headed for Dubai and has now settled there for work and ministry.

One night the Lord showed me a dream regarding him. In the dream, we are chatting about things in life and I ask him whether he can give me the keys to his house in a certain place in the USA. He says, "This house of mine does not have a key for entering, it has a card which has to be swiped for the door to open."

This is something from his future and God will bring it to pass, if the Lord Jesus tarries. Staying faithful to God and claiming the promise given will see it being fulfilled in God's time.