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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Doves & Sparrows

I saw this dream on the night before I was to preach in a church. The verse that the Lord had given me was this.... Joshua 10:14... 
There has never been a day like it before or since, a day when the Lord listened to a human being. Surely the Lord was fighting for Israel!

In the dream I saw many doves and sparrows caught in a hole and after I touch them, they are set free and fly away.

It was a simple dream to interpret. God was showing me that through the message that I preached the next day, many in the Church would receive deliverance and that is exactly what happened after I preached that the Lord would fight for his people. The message was based on how God fought for Joshua and the Israelites against many kings and also stopped the sun and moon in it's daily course. 

Many truly experienced healing and deliverance. While praying I said that the Lord was healing a person with pain in the lower back with tingling and numbness in both lower limbs. I also called out a couple of names of people that the Lord brought to my mind and prayed for them. 

After the meeting was over, a women testified that she had pain in her lower back and problems in both her lower limbs and she had received healing. One of the names that I called out was the name of the daughter of a woman in the congregation. She came and told me that it was her daughter's name that I had called out. Her daughter was in India and she was here, working in Qatar. I could then pray for her and her daughter. Many others in the congregation also found deliverance that evening and they testified later. 

The dream had come to pass. What the Lord had shown came true. The  doves and sparrows caught in the hole represented the believers in the congregation and their flying away after I (touched them) preached, signified them being set free from their problems. Praise God for his faithfulness.

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To compromise or not

One night I dreamed regarding a friend of mine who is the head of a very big academic institution. He is also an evangelist and a Bible teacher. In the dream I saw him standing near a table and in his hands is a very huge sword which is shining brightly. As he is looking at it, suddenly a couple of guys come near him. They are dressed like thugs and have small knives in their hands. They invite my friend to go with them on an errand. My friend looks at the big sword in his hands and then wonders whether to go with them or not. The dream ended there.

When I spoke about this dream to my friend, he said there were a couple of people who had approached him regarding a matter concerning the institution that he was working in. He was not sure about their motives and so needed to be cautious when dealing with them. 

In the dream my friend had a big shining sword in his hands which indicated him standing with the Word of God, which is also called "The sword of the Spirit". When approached by a couple of worldly characters, my friend is faced with the decision whether to go with them or not.
He had a choice to make. 

Sometimes in our day to day lives as believers in Jesus Christ, we are faced with choices to make. The question arises then whether we would compromise with the written Word of God. Choosing the wrong path may bring immediate benefits in our lives, but the question is whether it would please our Savior Jesus Christ. Choosing the the right path may bring clashes with others and delays in things working out, but we would definitely have God's support because we stand for the truth, according to God's Word. 

Often we compromise with the world telling ourselves that is OK. When we pray to God regarding the compromise, we even try to justify our wrong choice. 

The Bible says that we must not live to please ourselves and that whatever we do, we must do for the glory of god. When we make the right choices, we will have the peace of God in our hearts and our hearts won't condemn us.

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