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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

God searches our hearts

The lamp of the Lord searches the spirit of a man ; it searches out his inmost being. (Proverbs 20:27)

A few years back, when I reached one of the Gulf countries to take up a job as a Physician, I desired to minister for the Lord, but doors did not open up quickly for the same in Churches that I visited. In one of the Churches that I attended for a while, the Pastor of the Church seemed friendly on the outside and wanted me to continue in the Church, but would  rarely provide opportunities for me to minister in the Church. It was frustrating, but I pacified myself by accepting the thought that it was not God's time for me to minister regularly.

During those days, one night as I slept, I saw a dream regarding me and this Pastor. In the dream, the Pastor was dressed as a butcher selling meat. There were several customers and I too waited in the queue to buy meat. He was giving good and choice portions to the other customers and I too hoped that I could get a good piece of meat, but when my turn came, he looked at me, put his hand in a drawer and brought out a smelly piece of meat, giving it to me, with a shrewd look on his face. I was disappointed when I saw him do that and walked away quietly without accepting what he gave me. The dream ended there.

The real inner attitude of people that we deal with is only known by the Lord. In my case here, though the Pastor was friendly outwardly, his real inner feelings for me were not kindness or of a helping nature, but on the contrary quite adverse as seen in the dream.
After the Lord warned me through this dream, it was not long before I moved away from this Church (at a time decided by the Lord). I kept the matter that the Lord had shown me in the dream to myself and maintained a good relationship with the Pastor during my final days in his Church. After waiting on the Lord in prayer for a few months, he opened several doors for me to minister in different Churches and bring glory to his name. Praise be to his holy name.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Afterlife

I saw this dream regarding me and 2 aged aunts of mine who were widows, one nearing her death being critically ill and the other one suffering from various ailments and incapacitated in many ways.
In a country that has been devastated by a great earthquake, high above on a bridge, a train moves swiftly along a track. The rail tracks seem to go on for ever and ever. On the train, I am with these aunts of mine. We seemed to be very happy despite the land below being laid waste by the earthquake. We talk of times in the past and seem to be enjoying every moment of the journey. The dream ended there.

My aunt who was critically ill passed away a few days later, while the other one still lives on but with several difficulties in addition to being a childless widow since more than 20 years.

This dream was a foreshadow of what will happen when we finish our race here on earth. The afterlife is going to be so different. Though while we live in this world, ageing and sickness and death may come after a while, once a person in Christ steps in to eternity, every sorrow and pain is gone. It's joy and peace forever.

In the dream, the land devastated by the earthquake, denotes the life that we live on earth where pain and sickness and ageing and death finally catches up; the train journey on a very high bridge, a higher journey that will bring everlasting joy and peace; the endless rail tracks signifying eternity. Praise God.

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