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Monday, May 11, 2015

The Spirit Of God Knows Everything

A few years back, on a Sunday, as I was conducting worship, a thin tall youngster came and sat on one of the back benches in our Church in Kerala. I had not seen him before and he was very quiet all through the service; neither singing nor praying.
After preaching the sermon for the day, I prayed for specific topics that the Holy Spirit had revealed to me as I sat for prayer the night before. One of the things that I prayed for was.....You have had a fight with your uncle and you are heart broken but Jesus loves you and he grants you his peace.

After the service, as I exchanged greetings with the members of our Church, I saw the youngster standing at the back of the Church, looking here and there and then getting ready to leave. As he reached the back door, I tapped him on his shoulder and said hello. He smiled and I saw a glint of tear in his eyes. I asked him who he was and where he stayed. He seemed reluctant to answer but then poured out his story.

He stayed with his parents around 100 miles from our town. That morning, he had had a fight with his uncle who was their neighbor and had got depressed because of the harsh things that his uncle had said and boarded a bus randomly not thinking of where he was going. When the bus neared the bus stop in our town, he felt like stepping off the bus. As he did that, he heard the sound of people praising God and he thought that he would check it out and that is how he came in to the meeting.

I asked him whether he had heard me praying for a person who had had a fight with his uncle and he said "yes". As I spoke with him, I realized that he was a nominal Christian living a worldly life. I took time to explain to him that Jesus loved him and that the Holy Spirit had revealed his problem to me the night before, because God cared for him and knew what was going to happen in his life. Later, as he boarded a bus returning to his home town, he had peace in his heart, which I could tell from the joy on his face..

A seed of God's love was sown in his heart that day, which I believe the Holy Spirit would nourish till he became the Lord's.

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