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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Don't lose your own leg

A far relative of mine was bedridden for a couple of months, one of his leg bones being infected after an accident. The wound was oozing pus profusely and not healing despite the best of antibiotics and supportive treatment. I happened to visit him as someone asked me to check the wound and opine regarding the management. I did as requested of me, opining regarding the case and left after praying for him as he was in pain and I thought praying was appropriate as I was a Christian minister.

Thereafter I visited him several times as I stayed close to the hospital where he was admitted and prayed for him regularly before I left after inquiring the progress of his illness. The wound was no better and things were getting worse. During those months, one night I saw a dream. In the dream, I was on a hospital bed with one of my legs propped up on pillows and I was suffering from the same disease that my relative was suffering from. He was not healed either and was lying on the bed next to me. The dream was confusing and it took a while for me to interpret it and the revelation came after I spent quite a few hours in prayer.

Some sicknesses are punishments from God for rebellion against him and these do not go away till God has dealt fully with the person; healing will come only if the person repents and cries out to God in his/her misery. Prayers will not bring healing because the root cause is rebellion against God. God was just showing me that my prayers were not going to bring healing to this person because he was unrepentant for whatever sins he had committed and still continuing in his rebellion; on the contrary there was a chance that I would also be afflicted of the same illness. It was not God's will that I keep praying for the healing of his sickness.

There are several causes of sicknesses coming to a person. It may be infections, it may be due to changes in weather, it may be due to satanic attacks or it may be just rebellion against God. The guidance of the Holy Spirit of God would help us discern how to go about praying for the sick and afflicted.

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