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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Why did you not tell me?

There are people who send me their prayer requests by e-mail, call by phone or meet me personally and ask for prayers for their problems. For many of these requests, I pray with a common prayer, "Lord, please answer all the prayer requests that have come to me. Answer them according to your will O Lord and let your name be glorified, In Jesus name, Amen."

Of these there are quite a few who repeatedly ask for fervent prayers and also them which the Holy Spirit inspires me to pray continually for long periods of time. Some of these prayers go on for years together till a problem is resolved or a need answered.

One of the amusing things regarding this matter is that many fail to inform me once their prayer has been answered. For example, there have been prayer requests for couples who have not had children for long and some who need prayers for difficult pregnancies, but once the child is born, many forget to call or e-mail that their prayer has been answered. It can be due to several reasons, best known only to the Lord, but it's always best to be thankful and grateful.

Regarding this matter, I saw a dream. I walk in to a room, where a man in his 60's stands with a big smile and "mission accomplished" look on his face. I recognize him to be a vice principal of a school, who had asked me to pray for his daughter's marriage a couple of years ago. When we used to meet then, he used to tell me how his only daughter who was in her thirties had still not married and how that was a matter of grief to him and his wife. I would tell him that I would be interceding for her continually. This prayer had continued for more than two years now and I used to pray for her, naming her almost every day in prayer to God Almighty.

"What about the matter that you asked me to pray for, dear Sir?" I asked him (in the dream). "Oh, my daughter...she is happily married now. We too have been relieved of a great burden" was his response. His sentence did not end with a "Thank you". To my question, "Why did you not tell me, since I have been praying for her for so long?", he just smiled and looked away.

Some may say, we are thankful and grateful to God for his answers to our prayers, for he is the one who really matters. Right as that be, as Christians, for us, the right attitude would also be to be thankful to them who intercede for us in the presence of God Almighty.

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  1. I do agree we must have the character of God and be thankful for all things and appreciate when someone take time out of their daily life to intercede...