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Monday, March 27, 2017

100's of dreams regarding two matters

Over the past 23 years, where I have seen 1000's of dreams while sleeping at night, there have been 2 kinds of dreams that the Holy Spirit shows repeatedly. They are of 1) attacks by the evil one upon my life and others and 2) warnings to keep myself free from immorality.

The first kind of dreams have be of any length, short and long and what God expected from me was to pray and avert satanic attacks causing harm to me, my family, our congregation and anyone that God wanted to protect from evil befalling them, be it believers or unbelievers (mostly believers).
When prayer is insufficient on my part, the Lord may show repeated dreams on successive nights regarding the same person, for me to continue prayer till his divine purpose is achieved. Some of the matters regarding a person's life can stretch over a long period of time, till the person is delivered from the evil that has been troubling him/her.

Immorality is the other issue that God keeps speaking to me often. This can come as a satanic attack or because we live in a fallen world where we have to deal with several people in all our walks of life, be it the work place or the church or the community where we live.
Immoral thoughts, impure thoughts, sexually lustful thoughts can trap a believer and render their spiritual walk fruitless, so the warnings have kept coming through the years. The heavenly advice through dreams may be subtle like the bad intentions of others or severe warnings to keep away from certain people who are already living immorally. Over the years, I have learnt that heeding God's voice, continuing in prayer, worship and meditation of the Word of God and maintaining a close relationship with my wife is the only solution to this grave problem that afflicts scores of believers worldwide. With the advent of high speed internet, the trap has only increased by leaps and bounds and more and more believers are being sucked in to the pornography cesspool.

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