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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Don't expect people to be grateful

These couple of dreams were regarding the attitude of people whom we help in their times of need. One was regarding me and a believer with whom I worshiped with sometime back; the other regarding a helper in the clinic that I work in as a Physician. In their times of need, realizing that they did not get much as wages, I would help them monetarily.

The dreams were similar, meaning that they spoke of the same thing. What I saw regarding these men was that when I gave them currency with a greater denomination, they were happy and respected me, but when my monetary gift was of lesser value, they privately smirked and showed their discontent, one throwing it away from a window and the other discarding it in the waste bin. I do not know whether they may have literally done that, but the Holy Spirit was indicating the attitude of their hearts.

Many a time we may feel that people whom we help monetarily or otherwise would have a grateful heart towards us, but that is not the case. Of course there may be some who are grateful, but many may not be. Their thinking may be awry and often they may despise us privately.

Such attitude from those whom we help may bring grief to us, but over the years, both in my secular and ministerial calling, the Lord has taught me to overlook such matters, for we should not give to earn something, not even the gratitude of people. God is the true rewarder of all that we do and even when we do works of charity, it should be as we are serving Jesus Christ and not people. Eternal rewards are incomparable to what little or much gratitude we can receive from recipients of our gifts here on earth.

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