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Sunday, May 14, 2017

They may never know

Often God shows me a series of dreams regarding a person or persons to avert a calamitous situation arising in their lives. This would need constant prayer till the Lord's assignment is complete and the matter has been taken care of by him. The person/persons involved may never know that someone has been praying for them and the issues may be so sensitive that it's best not to discuss the same with them.

Sometime back, I saw a series of dreams regarding a young Christian woman from Kerala. She was in her mid 20's, unmarried and worked in a neighboring state of Kerala; her parents were Christian too, church going, but not very spiritual. They were known to me and the Lord showed me in the first dream that the woman, without her parent's knowing, was having an affair with a man in Kerala. In the dream, she was already having intimate relations with him and planned to marry the man even if her parents did not agree. I prayed for the matter shown in the dream for a couple of days, then saw another dream in which she was shown having moved in with the man in question without her parents consent and before marriage. I continued my prayers for her that she may only do what was right in God's eyes, not being worldly and not going against her parents wishes. A few days later, in a third dream, she was shown having already given birth to a child and she sat gazing at it. The Holy Spirit made it known to me in my spirit that this was not God's plan for her life and I prayed for the matter for a few more days. There were no more dreams regarding her after that and I believe God's prayer assignment for me concerning the matter had ended. I came to know later that the company that she worked in, transferred her to a foreign country and she lives and works there now. As far as I know she has not married yet. I still pray for her marriage that it be as God intends it to be.

Neither she nor her parents may ever know that there were prayers raised on their behalf. God works in mysterious ways and there may be many who are unknown to us, but nevertheless interceding for us, for our good.

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