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Sunday, June 11, 2017

A wooden horse

One night I saw a dream wherein I stood before a wooden horse and tried to jump over it to the other side. I tried a couple of times but had no success. I then stood there and thought of times in the past where I could effortlessly jump over this horse. The dream ended with me again and again, trying and failing, trying and failing. After waking up the next morning, I prayed to the Lord that he may not let me fail in whatever matter he had shown me in the dream.

I pondered on the dream later on to know what the Lord was telling me. It was a time when I had, without the Lord's approval, given a large sum of money to a person, but when I wanted the money to be returned, the guy said no. I had prayed for the matter several times, but had received a reply in the negative. This affected my faith and I got depressed that the Lord had not intervened. I tried to muster faith but negativity ruled. I could not jump (my faith was not rising) over the problem (wooden horse) as seen in the dream. Prayers and intercessions took a back seat for a couple of days because of the depression. But since I had prayed regarding the dream that God may not allow me to fail repeatedly, soon the depression was gone and I could pray and worship as before. The Lord moved the heart of the person to whom I had given the money and he returned it.

This dream could also have been regarding "fasting" which had been nearly non-existent in my life those days. Though earlier I could take fasts to bolster my prayer life and humble myself in the presence of the Lord, now because of a few illnesses that I suffered from, I did not have the faith or courage to take fasts; perhaps the inability to jump over the horse pointed to this and when I prayed regarding the dream, a few days later the Lord strengthened me to start fasting again.

God's strength is manifested in our weaknesses as we cry out to him. Praise be to his holy name.

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