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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

3 Songs

In 2010, when we were planning to release our second Christian songs album in Malayalam, I wanted a few songs to be sung by professionals. I had a liking for 2 great Christian singers who were very popular but I wanted a counsel from the Lord as to his will regarding the matter. We had planned a 10 song album and we were singing as a family for the same. I prayed regarding the matter for a few days and then one night I dreamt the following dream.

I was standing in an open ground and a table was before me and on it were 10 pieces of colored cloths neatly folded and kept side by side. After a while I saw the 2 professional singers come to the table and I picked up 3 pieces of cloths and gave it to one singer who accepted it graciously and went away smiling. To the other singer, I did not give any and he just walked away after a while. The dream ended there.

God was just making known his will regarding the request for counsel that I had placed in his presence. As I was shown in the dream, I had the chosen professional singer sing three songs for our second album.

This was a simple dream, which even a novice to dreams could have interpreted.
God speaks, if we are willing to wait in his presence. He has answers to our questions.
Of course, some of his answers may not be readily understood by our finite minds now. That will change when join with him in eternity.

Counsel and sound knowledge are mine. I have understanding and power. (Proverbs 8:14)

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