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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Baptism a second time?

This was an unusual dream. In the dream, I was standing ready to baptize a believer in water, but suddenly I realized that I had already baptized him a couple of years back. As we stood in the waters, I looked surprised and amused. The dream ended there.

As I pondered on the dream the next day, the Holy Spirit revealed a few truths to me. Some believers, though they are very enthusiastic at the time of water baptism, taking a decision to be set apart for Jesus Christ, sooner or later they drift away from the teachings about righteousness and live like unbelievers, indulging in worldly lusts and pursuits. It's like they were never baptized, meaning that they nullify the significance that water baptism has; water baptism which is a pledge of a clear conscience towards God, water baptism which signifies pursuing heavenly matters, water baptism which points to being buried with Jesus Christ into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, one may live a new life.

There is another category of Christians. As adults, they are baptized in water with their bodies but do not have any enlightenment regarding the same in their hearts and minds. Perhaps they did it because others pressurized them or they did it just because they saw others do it.

Whatever it be, here was a person whom I had baptized, now needing to renew his commitment to his Savior Jesus Christ. (Not that I would baptize him again, there's no Biblical precedent for that.) Are you also like him or are you standing firm in your dedication and devotion to Jesus Christ?

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