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Saturday, April 18, 2015

God has many substitutes

When I worked in my clinic in Kerala a few years back, often the Lord would point to a couple when they visited the clinic and speak in to my heart to talk to them about water baptism for believers in Jesus Christ. I was somehow reluctant to do that because they were from on Orthodox Episcopal Church. They were in their 60's and when they spoke to me about their illnesses and I prescribed medicines for them, the Holy Spirit would nudge me gently to speak to them about the truth and importance of water baptism, but I did not do it, thinking they may respond adversely to it. This continued for a few months.

Later, one day when I entered the clinic in the morning, I saw this couple sitting in corner chairs of the waiting room and a Pastor (another patient of mine) was discussing something with them. Later when they came in to my room for their consultation and were leaving, I asked them what the Pastor. was speaking to them about. They smiled and told me that he was telling them the importance of water baptism as believers in Jesus Christ.

I felt bad immediately and also sad that I had not obeyed the voice of the Holy Spirit in doing what he had told me. I also learnt a lesson that day, that if I did not do what God asked me to do, he would find someone else.

If Saul is disobedient, God has a David in store to do his work.
What about you? Are you doing what the Lord has called you to do?

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