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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Moses Experience

Once when I was pressing ahead laboriously through a spiritual wilderness experience (God seems far and quiet, unbelief and fear sets in & one feels lonely), the Spirit of God spoke to me and said, "Consider Moses; God took him out of Egypt to get Egypt out of him, so that he could later send him to Egypt to get Israel out of Egypt."

I marveled at what the Spirit of God had spoken. It was true. God wanted to use Moses, but Moses was not prepared to be used, so God had to prepare him."
Moses wanted to bring deliverance to his brothers, the suffering Israelite's, but he had his own strategy and not God's, so he failed initially. God prepared him in Midian and then called him back to service on his terms. That took 40 years.

Some of us desire to be used by God for the extension of his kingdom here on earth and God loves that. The desire itself is put in our hearts by God. But with the world and it's lusts inside us, he cannot use us, so comes the wilderness experience, where he removes the worldly lusts from inside of us, so that he can send us back in to the world to win lost souls for him.

If you are going through a "Moses Experience", hang in there, don't give up. God is going to use you mightily. Come to terms with him and agree with his strategy.

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