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Friday, July 21, 2017

Stealing music

This dream concerned a person known to me since a few years. He is a talented musician himself, yet in this dream, he was shown stealing the tune that I had composed for a Malayalam (local language of Kerala) song of mine. In the dream, I was surprised that he was doing such a thing. When I woke up the next morning, I felt sad that the person concerned was playing foul and prayed to the Lord that he would not allow it to happen. It was a time when I was planning to release a new album and I did not want any confrontations with the person concerned.

Many Christians have a bad habit of using their names on music, literature, photos and videos created by others. Some post devotionals on social media after removing the names of the authors who really worked hard to write it. I once had a devotional sent to me with the name of the person who sent it in the subtitle, when in fact I had written the devotional and e-mailed it a few days earlier.

Praise God for his faithfulness in small matters too. He is watching over all matters concerning his children. If he is concerned about someone stealing a song tune of mine, I believe he is concerned about everything else in my life. And you who read this can be sure that he is concerned about every little matter of your life too, if you are his child. Trust in your Savior Jesus. He is faithful, so is his father and so is the Holy Spirit.

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