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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Rubber bullets

In this dream, I saw myself shooting rubber bullets at a believer whom I worship with. She seemed to be in some discomfort when the bullets hit her and I run towards her to check whether she is bleeding from the wounds. No blood was seen coming from the wounds but she seemed dazed. My relations with her and family have always been cordial, so I wondered what the dream meant, but had no clue.
For some time, the next morning, I tried to interpret it, but could not. So I just prayed about the dream that God may avert any untoward incidents in my dealings with her when in Church. On the next couple of days, whenever the dream came back to mind, I tried to decipher it, but could not.

On the next day of worship, I was conducting the Bible study and I saw this believer come and join the study. She rarely came because of job and time constraints, though her husband was a regular.
As usual whenever I conduct the Bible study, I ask those attending a lot of Bible related questions, some of which are difficult. Some find it a bit tough.

As I kept asking questions, I looked at her and thought of asking her too, but suddenly the Holy Spirit reminded me of the dream and said, "Better not ask; don't shoot bullets at her before she becomes accustomed to the study."

I felt like laughing thinking of how easily the dream got interpreted when the Holy Spirit wanted me to know. Many dreams are difficult to interpret when seen, but God reveals secrets at his time. Whenever I find it difficult to interpret dreams, I just wait upon the Lord and he usually reveals interpretations at his time. Praise God.

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